LW-401 Beer Line Cleaner

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LW Chemicals, Inc. introduced LW-401 in 2001 for direct competition to the old stagnant “beer line cleaning chemicals” market.
Why has it been so successful?

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LW-401 Beer Line Cleaner, beer line cleaning chemicals

Available sizes of LW Chemicals’ LW-401 beer line cleaner.

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Our Beer Line Cleaner Brochure

  • LW Chemicals, Inc. provides this product in cases to our customers via UPS.
  • LW Chemicals, Inc. is shipped “non-hazardous” on 12-32 ounce cases,thus saving hazardous shipping charges found with all other cleaners. (This saves the small user a significant amount of money.)
  • LW Chemicals, Inc. provides this product in a variety of packages/sizes:
  • The larger the drum containers save larger usage customers significant money over standard case pricing while offering flexibility in operational field usage.
  • Our patented “color coded safety rinse” system of providing a colored product to simplify and increase safety field (actual on site) service is “The Best” product for your technicians on the market.
  • Our LW-401 carries an easily identifiable BLUE HUE even when diluted to the normal 2% dilution rates. This ensures that filed technicians completely purge the beer lines of chemicals without using old “touch: or “ph paper” methods. This is SAFER for everyone-technician, line owner, and consumer.

Who are saving money and creating safer environments while getting cleaner beer lines.

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LW 401 Data Sheet
LW 52 Data Sheet
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