Our group of technical service representatives is our strong suit. We average 18 years of being in the food industry or Sanitation business per Field Service Representative. We seriously doubt if any other chemical company can make this statement. We take great pride as the top sanitation specialist in the industry are at your availability. Providing these sanitation technicians with quality compounds, low pricing, and corporate support makes a strong combination.


We believe that the training of your Sanitation Employees is best suited prior to production starting. If we can start training during the pre-cleaning of the operation, training will be more valuable. We then have the time to do classroom study, working on cleaning procedures, safety training and chemical understanding.

LW Chemicals will have present, in your facility, from two to five representatives during this important set up time. We will stay as long as it takes to have your Sanitation Staff ready for sanitation activity. It is not uncommon to be present for two to three weeks in training your people in all aspects of sanitation during these set up periods.

We plan to have most individuals trained, relative to their specific jobs, in the first few days of production. Realizing it is not easy to have personnel well trained on the importance of their tasks as well as actually accomplishing specific Sanitation jobs. We rely on many different LW Team Representatives to handle all aspects of Sanitation. This is an area that LW Chemicals specializes in, as we will have present some of the strongest individuals in the industry to get this accomplished.

Our company works with an array of further processing meat operations and has a wealth of experience to call from for expertise. The on time start up of your facility is important and we believe we are the most effective at producing this goal! The key to this service commitment is the fact that we will assist in managing Sanitation so that you can concentrate on operating your plant.


We can make a difference with most Sanitation Programs. If you are spending too much or want to improve sanitation results, LW Chemicals, Inc. can make a difference.