LW Chemicals, Inc. Beer Line Cleaner Program andSani-Tap Strips

LW Chemicals, Inc. has developed a line of beer line cleaners, sanitizers, and our all new Sani-Tap Strips. These products are designed to keep draught beer lines clean and sanitary, so that the beer products will taste fresh and without “off flavors”. Just as the Brewmaster formulated them to.

Keeping draught beer lines clean and sanitary, is not only important to the flavor of the beer, but keeps the beer pouring properly with the correct amount of foam on top (head or collar). Clean beer lines, and tap, equates to customer satisfaction which means profitability. Customers will NOT continue to spend money in an establishment where the beer is flat or off tasting. Clean lines and taps, is an area that is easily controlled, especially with the assistance of LW Chemicals.

We, at LW Chemicals, Inc., stand ready to assist you in detergent and/or sanitizer selection, and NEW, our Sani-Tap Strips (click link to find out more).

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