Using LW Chemicals Beer Line Cleaners

10 Steps to Clean the Lines

Mix LW Chemicals’ Beer Line Cleaner in a bucket of water according to LW’s directions and safety procedures.
Disconnect tap from barrel and tubing. Remove beer faucet and take apart.
Place tap and faucet parts in bucket to soak.
Put on faucet-cleaning attachment. Connect coupling to cleaning attachment.
Pump solution from bucket through the line with bucket-type pump until it starts to flow out the beer line. Continue to pump the cleaning solution through the system for several minutes to thoroughly clean the beer lines.
While you are waiting, scrub tap and beer faucet parts with brush inside and out.
Place the small sponge in the line at the faucet-cleaning attachment.
Reconnect coupling and pump sponge through the beer line. This cleans out sediment. For perfect cleaning, run sponge through again.
Assemble rinsed faucet parts and connect faucet. Fill bucket with fresh, cool water. Connect pump hose and beer line using twin male coupling. Pump the fresh water through the beer line system to remove cleaning solution.
When crystal clear water comes through, you are ready to retap the barrel. Draw the water from the beer line.

Now you are ready to serve fresh-tasting beer.

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