Manufacturer and distributor of food sanitation, safety and cleaning chemicals in Mt. Olive, Illinois.

We offer the best detergents and sanitizers in the marketplace, at a fair and reasonable cost. We are ready to assist your food plant with true service. Training, evaluation, and expertise, in your food safety/sanitation program, is our goal.

Our service is a key ingredient of our products.

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NOTE: The LW Chemicals’ web site has been designed to provide information on our products and services for our clients, and potential clients. We endeavor to also provide a source of data and useful information for the food processing industry, in general. Please feel free to utilize our web site when searching for sanitation and food safety information.

LW Chemicals, Inc, will assist your food processing facility in obtaining and maintaining proper sanitation and food safety programs.

The 21st century is bringing about intensive and ever-changing demands upon your food plant sanitation. More widely varied raw ingredients suppliers (and customers), higher speed packaging, and higher demand for “ready-to-eat” food products are pressuring your facility towards increasingly difficult sanitation efforts.