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We would like to assure you that there are no better cleaning products, for food processing facilities, than the compounds we make and service….at any price. We are certainly not the least expensive, but we are by no means the most expensive. We maintain very close scrutiny of our own overhead, and pass that savings to our customers. We blend to the highest concentrations, with the highest quality ingredients. All sales rhetoric put aside, it’s not the base active ingredients that makes a cleaning compound clean better, it’s all the “additives” that blend into the compound. Surfactants, wetting agents, binding agents, the ingredients that tie up water hardness, and/or cause the active ingredients to better penetrate the soils. These are also the parts of the compound that is the most expensive. We use the finest of these additives, and do NOT skimp.
We even “make” our own water. We de-ionize the water that we blend to, so that none of the abilities of these added ingredients are “used” tying up hardness in the blending water. We know of no other detergent company that does this. We never charge for drums, nor add a deposit. We supply the floor jugs and labels at no charge. We never charge for any custom samples if tests are conducted. We consider the companies who purchase from us as clients, not customers, because of our service intensiveness and expertise. This is our philosophy, and runs much deeper than a typical competitors “mission statement”.

Labeling Nomenclature

You will note that all LW compounds have a letters/numbers method of naming. This is, in itself, a description of the products that are in that container. For instance, CLC-323 refers to Chlorinated Liquid Cleaner, and the numbers correlate with a percentage of active ingredients. LMC-36 means Liquid Manual Cleaner, manual meaning near neutral and usable on soft metals, and for handscrubbing. AC-555, refers to Acid Cleaner. PAC-865 refers to Powdered Alkaline Cleaner. During a program start-up, we thoroughly educate the sanitors in this labeling practice, to lessen confusion on chemical handling. Many chemicals cannot be mixed together because of negative effects, and this practice greatly reduces this possibility.

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