LHS 309

Heavy Duty Liquid Hog Scald Compound

* Typical Applications

LHS 309 is a concentrated liquid detergent and wetting agent for use in hog scalding tanks which acts as an aid in the dehairing of hog carcasses. Hair is loosened for complete removal by beaters in dehairing machines.

* Time Saving

LHS 309 yields cleaner, whiter hogs, speeding up production and saving time and money.

* Concentrated

LHS 309 is a highly concentrated product and enables economical, high use dilutions and low use costs under most conditions.

* Safe on Soft Metals

LHS 309 may be safely used on virtually any surface found in meat processing operations.

* Properties

LHS 309 is a light yellow, viscous liquid with a selected blend of organic wetting and penetrating agents, mild alkaline builders and no phosphates. It has a Specific Gravity of 1.07 (8.9 lbs./gallon).

* Use Directions

Remove as much liquid organic matter as possible, such as blood or excreta, from carcass prior to use of LHS 309, for maximum effectiveness. Charge taken initially with 1-2 quarts of LHS 309 per 1000 gallons of scald water, for water up to 9 grains hardness. For each grain hardness over 9, add 3-6 additional ounces of LHS 309 per 100 gallons. Temperature should be maintained between 138 degrees F. and 142 degrees F., with a contact time of 3.5-7 minutes. Flush carcasses with water to remove residual scald solution. Consult your LW Chemical representative for specific recommendations.

* Packaging

Available in 55 gallon plastic drums.

* Authorization

LHS 309 is authorized by the USDA for use under category code letter 3B:

Hog scald agents. Substances used for this purpose

must be removed by subsequent cleaning operations.

LHS 309



Contains synthetic detergents. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Wear sideshield safety glasses or other eye protection when handling concentrated product.


EYES: In case of contact, flush eyes with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes. Get prompt medical attention.

SKIN: For contact, flush affected areas with water. If irritation develops, contact a physician.


DO NOT TAKE INTERNALLY – If swallowed, drink large amounts of water or milk. Get medical attention.


Commodity Code:

Cleaning Compound Liquid