EW 50

Liquid Egg Destainer and Additive

* Purpose

EW 50 quickly and effectively removes egg shell stains caused by rusty cages, blood, fecal matter and other soils. Although EW 50 is a powerful product, it will not weaken or harm egg shells. Use of this product will greatly reduce the number of Grade B eggs, and reduce the amount of detergent needed for satisfactory cleaning.

* Typical Applications

EW 50 is recommended for use in virtually all egg processing plants, especially those handling an appreciable number of Grade B eggs. EW 50 is safe to use in contact with steel, stainless steel, copper, tin, brass, or aluminum, as well as tile, brick, porcelain, plastic and painted surfaces, when used as directed.

* Advantages

Effective – Increases efficiency of detergent at low concentrations.

Neutral pH – Will not affect properties of products used with it.

Liquid – Easily dispensed and controlled.

* Properties

EW 50 is a clear, amber, slightly viscous liquid with a very slight odor, is neutral in pH, and has a Specific Gravity of 1.25 (10.43 lbs./gallon). EW 50 is a blend of sequestering agents and destaining compounds. It contains no phosphates or NTA.

* Use Directions

Wash eggs with recommended LW Chemical egg detergent. When washing very dirty eggs, reduce the detergent concentration by 1/4, and add EW 50 at a rate of 1 oz./gallon. For batch destaining, cool eggs to (70-80 F.). Prepare an 8-10 oz./gallon solution of EW 50 in 100 F. water, and immerse eggs 2-5 minutes. Rinse eggs thoroughly with potable water, and wash and sanitize as recommended.

* Packaging

Available in 4X1 gallon and 55 gallon plastic drums.

* Authorization

EW 50 is authorized by the USDA for use under category code letters:

Q1: Shell egg cleaning compounds.

Q2: Shell egg destaining compounds.

EW 50



Contains ethylenediamine tetraacetate salts. Avoid contact with eyes. Avoid prolonged contact with skin by product or contaminated clothing. Wash thoroughly after handling. Launder contaminated clothing.



EYES: In case of contact, immediately flush eyes with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes. Get prompt medical attention.

SKIN: Flush skin with water while removing contaminated clothing. Wash with mild soap and water. If irritation develops consult a physician.

INGESTION: DO NOT TAKE INTERNALLY. If swallowed, drink water or milk. Call a physician.

Commodity Code:

Cleaning Compound, Liquid