LW 5″ Sani-Tap Fruit Fly Strips


Get rid of fruit flies – Easy To Use – Safe – Economical

  • 5″ Sani-Tap Strips, Package of 10.
  • Get rid of fruit flies! Fruit Fly presence in and around your bar area is significantly reduced.
  • Controls foul smelling odors caused by mildew, fungi, algae, and slime.
  • Prevents drain overflows due to bacteria, slime, and algae build-up.
  • Controlled release – lasts up to three weeks!! (depending on volume), allowing drip pan service to coincide with bi-weekly draught line cleaning
  • Easily fits into most drip pans.     Simple to change,and with no mess.
  • Indoor or outdoor applications. Solves draught beer drip pan problems.
  • Getting rid of fruit flies bar area or beer tap can be a nightmare, but Sani-Tap strips make the job easy.


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Package of 10